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vitamins for a new flock

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Im just starting out at a new home and my new flock will be hatching in about 10 days.what vitamins will i want to start them out with to ensure health and happiness.i heard they get many of their needed vitamins from other chickens feces but have not had chickens in this yard. All help is greatly appreciated thank you
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Do you mean extra supplemental vitamins to use with chick feed? I have never heard of it being good for chickens to eat feces or it giving them vitamins. But newborn foals (baby horses) do something similar so I guess it makes since. I like manna pro brand life-lytes, it is a vitamin electrolyte and probiotic that can be mixed in their water. You can give them this for about a week to boost their immune systems.  

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I guess they get probiotics from the feces. But my question was poorly woorded i meant to ask will new chicks need anything other than the chick starter mix
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They don't NEED anything else but I like the vitamin electrolyte as a jumpstart. I also mix probios brand probiotics in the feed. Some people give sugar water for the first day or two. If using an electrolyte make sure to read the directions carefully. Some brands say to mix in a "stock" gallon which is equivalent to like a 100 gallons. So no, you don't have to do anything besides plain water and chick feed. But they could benefit from some extra TLC during the first week of life.
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I will for sure give them the extra tlc thank you very much
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