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We brought home 5 baby chicks and 3 ducklings from the local farm store and we keep them in the basement. They have not been introduced to the rest of our flock.

My husband got very sick for over a week and tested positive for salmonella poisoning, my youngest son (7 yrs) got sick too for 3-4 days, fever and diarrhea but he got over it a lot faster  than my husband we didn't have our sons stool tested because he was better. Now I have a low grade fever and diarrhea. I am the one that cleans out the brooder, usually my three boys do that but with the ducks being so messy I have taken over that task. Is there any way to test and see if the chicks and ducks are infected with the salmonella virus, I don't want to introduce them to the rest of the flock until I know for sure, all my other chickens are healthy. The babies seem to be healthy too. Can you get rid of salmonella in your flock or is it always there?

Please help!

Thank you!