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Broody Cayuga, no Drakes, bad eggs?

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Hi there everyone. I have read lots of threads but most of them are about broody ducks that could be fertile. I have Pekin (her name is Duck Duck) and Cayuga(named Goose) ladies, no drakes around. I had noticed for a little bit I had not been getting an egg from the Cayuga but I thought maybe she needed a break since she had been laying one daily all through the winter. So today I went out and she was sitting in the corner of the pen not moving, I thought she was dead, sick, or hurt! So I throw out the peas and even then she wouldn't come which was a first. Then I approached her and she got all puffed up and ran away and I found a homemade nest of gumballs and leaves with 14 eggs in it! All hers. The Pekin is still laying in thier house. So I took away all but 2 of the eggs. So now here are my dilemas, first should I go take out the other 2 and break up the nest? Or just let her brood for another couple weeks? I can't believe she was able to hide that many from me for so long! Also do you think those eggs are any good to eat after being sat on? I hate to toss them, but I will if its not safe. Should I try the float test? Thanks for any help!!

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I guess it's possible that a wild drake got to her if your run isn't closed in other wise the eggs are probably not going to hatch. Some hens just really want to brood, I have a chicken, that to test how broody she was I put rocks in the nest box and she tried to hatch them. If the eggs are empty then she just wants to hatch and was trying, don't eat them they're most likely bad. You could let her sit on those two for a bit or you could float them. It makes me feel bad when I have to get that hen off of a nest but if nothings going to hatch then there's no point.

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I would also not eat the eggs. You just never really know. And I agree that you shouldn't let her brood on eggs that will never hatch. I would either try to break her of the brooding or try to find some fertile eggs for her. But that is only if you are willing to deal with the ducklings she could hatch.

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I don't eat eggs that have been missed for more than a day.

Up to you if you want to let her sit, but I find it harder to break a broody the longer they sit.


I have a chicken that will sit on nothing - she doesn't care if there is an egg under her to be broody with or not  LOL

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