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Injured Turkey

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My tom turkey has a bad habit of attacking one of my dogs.  Today he attacked the dog while she was sleeping under my truck and she attacked him back.  He has two puncture wounds on top of his head (they appear to be only skin deep).  I put neosporin on the two spots and they are not bleeding.  He is all white and I don't see any blood anywhere else on him.  Half of his face is dirty and I wonder if the dog hurt his neck.  The turkey is walking around as usual but he is having trouble breathing.  When he breathes he takes a deep breath and then the right side of his neck inflates before he gets the breath.  He is also keeping his chin? tucked in.  This looks really weird and I am worried.  What does this mean?  What can I do for him?  I love him so much and will be heartbroken if he doesn't make it.  

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He walks around a little bit and then stands still with his eyes closed.  The side of the face that is dirty is the left side and when he breathes the right side of his neck inflates.  His left eye is runny.  Don't know if any of that is helpful or not.  His breathing sounds labored. 

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He sounds like he has a leaking air sac under the skin from trauma to his neck. You can take an 18 gauge needle and stick it just under the skin, and press the air out. Hold some pressure over the needle site for a few minutes afterward, and apply some Neosporin. It can occur again, and just repeat it. He may also be having symptoms of wry neck from the injury, and may respond to some Poultry Nutridrench or Poultry Cell which contains vitamin E and selenium. I hope you can help him.

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Today the turkey has been walking around but not eating.  I was giving some bread to the chickens and he came over and at a small piece and it looked like it really hurt him to eat.  I cooked some grits with unsalted butter for something soft and neutral but calorie dense and he took a tiny nibble and then walked all around with his mouth open and his head going up an down like he couldn't swallow.  Any thoughts on what I could give him to eat?

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Well, he has already made a full recovery!  Amazing.  Back to his old silly self. So happy!

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That is very good news. Thank you for the update.
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