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Silkie Gender...

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Hello, I have two baby silkies that look identical. Here's a picture of one of them at 5 weeks old. Is it still too early to tell if its a boy or girl? The feed store said pullet but I'd like to know for sure as early as possible.




I also had this little baby girl sent to me from Ideal. She was supposed to be a blue cochin; however, I'm pretty sure she's a black cochin instead. I just wanted some confirmation if anyone can verify. :)








Also bonus picture of Pumpkin, the white cochin


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If you would just post the actual photos into your post, peeps would have less of a hassle viewing them.  Seems I got a headache doing the dancing between those links.    Then the next item in your link take you to something totally unrelated. 

BTW... silkies are very difficult to  sex  as chicks.   Sometimes you have to wait until they crow, or lay an egg. 

The person selling you those chicks and telling you that they were pullets, probably sell used cars on weekends as well.    Was he wearing a leisure jacket??? :gig

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Oh, sorry about the link thing. It is fixed now though!


Yeah, that's what I've heard about silkies, and that's why I was concerned about the person selling them to me as "pullets". He might as well had a leisure jacket, haha.

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Cute Cochins..   I only had Buff Cochins, so the color was same when they grew up.     Not sure how the black or blue look as chicks.    They are very friendly and EXCELLENT broody mothers.   Lets see what others think..    SILKIES MAKE GREAT BROODY MOMS AS WELL. 


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The cochins are extremely sweet and trusting. They will just sit on your hands for hours. My parents who want eggs aren't going to like how broody they all are... :lau

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