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transporting quail

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I have a gorgeous trio of quail chicks, they are currently just over a week old. Unfortunately, I'm suddenly going to have to go back to my parent's house for a few weeks, which is a 8 hour train ride away. I wasn't anticipating this, or I wouldn't have got the chicks. None of my friends have the space, nor the time to care for the chicks for that long so it's looking like I'm going to have take them back on the train. I have researched this and the train company says that I can take them, so long as they stay in a closed box, but I am quite apprehensive of this because I don't know about temperatures on the train, stress on the chicks etc. Unfortunately, I really have no alternative.


Anyone got any advice, especially with temperature??

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I guess a heat pack in the box could do it? One that stays warm for several hours, preferably. Then you could put in a new pack when the first one gets cold. And perhaps a battery light in the box so they can eat on the trip..

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A heat pack covered by a towel is a good idea. I'd also suggest giving them fermented feed or a mash instead of trying to offer dry food and water. Though if you aren't offering it to them now you should start before the trip so they get used to it.

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