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Smelly chicks?

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We have laying hens in the yard. They are fine. We hatched some eggs but only 2 hatched. They are 2 weeks old and doing well but they were lonely. Got 2 new chicks from a respected breeder 4 days ago. I noticed right away that her chick's had sort of odd orange poo that was stinky. No blood. I don't know what she was feeding them or if they were given any supplements. Added them to our chicks. Everyone seems healthy and fine but now all the chicks have an off smell to them. They smell sort of poopy. We change the lining in the cage daily. All are eating, drinking, pooping. No coughing or sneezing or congestion. Still some of that weird poop but no blood. We have unmedicated chick food but have the prevention dose of Corid in their drinking water.


I guess I am going to try to bathe them. Is that ok? I would like to see if the stink comes right back. I notice their faces are stinky but no signs of any respiratory stuff. We have had chicks several times, don't ever recall this smell.



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This might not be the case, but I noticed when I would put my 2-3 week old chicks out in the grass for an hour or so daily, their droppings always became more smelly. I would add chick grit when on grass. The Corid is a good idea, and if any start to look sleeping or hunched, I would increase the dosage. 

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Yeah, I haven't taken them outside yet. I don't want to do anything to compromise the rest of my flock. I guess I will give them quick baths and clean out the cage really good and see what happens.

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