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Crested Legbar Sexing

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I've hatched 23 chicks so far. 5 crested legbars and I'm having trouble identifying which are legbars. I think I have the 5, now its a matter of sexing them. Here's a photo with 6. I got the leg bar hatching eggs. My other hens are all mixed with Rhode Island Red Rooster: Rhode island red, Barred Rock, Easter Egger (white/black, blue eggs), and Buff Orpington. Not sure if #4 is a Legbar because she's reddish but she just looked so different from my others RIRxEE who are mostly white with some black almost stripe down their backs. See last photo.

My Guesses:

1. Legbar Male

2. Legbar Male

3. Legbar Male?


5. Legbar Female

6.Legbar Male?








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Also, This is not my EE Hen but she looks just like it..


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