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From France

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Hi, I am new on this forum and I am in France. I found this forum while searching Google for : "Gournay + USA" and I realized that that breed is not in the US. I just answered an old discussion from last year, just in case.


I only have 2 hens and a rooster. This Gournay breed is known both for eating and for eggs. The eggs are white and large. Today I collected 2 eggs : 75g and 84g .


This is a good link : as it's mentioning the name of the one who helped very much developing that breed - Bruno Lomenède.


The name, Gournay, is from a village in Normandy.



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Do you have the breed?  They are gorgeous - I have always wondered about their personalities.  I see them described as "rustic" on a lot of sites.  I'm guessing that means cautious, but not as flighty as a Mediterranean breed.

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I have a rooster and 2 hens of that breed. I got them from a very good source (pure breed). By "rustic" they meant that these chickens can be left outside, even in the winter : no special care needed, no diseases. They can fly as high as 1m50 (sorry I don't know how much that is in feet and inches) and you need  at least 2m to keep them.


I also have Araucanas and the Gournays are not as wild ; they come to you when you arrive to feed etc...


Yet, In France the main breed for eggs in the "Marans" with very brown eggs. i took the Gournay as an alternative as everyone is going to the same strains.

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