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Webbed toe on new chick

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Hi! I'm a new chicken owner--my tiny brood arrived today and one chick seemed extra wobbly and slightly smaller than the others. Upon inspection, she seems to have an irregular webbed toe on both feet! What can I do to help her? I think she might be smaller because her mobility isn't great--I want her to have a good life! I will be grateful for any advice smile.png she is a black australorp
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She could be experiencing some shipping stress if they just arrived today.

Provide the chicks with some vitamins/electrolytes in their water  - something like Poultry Nutri-Drench or Sav-A-Chick.

Also provide them with their chick starter.


As far as the web toes are concerned, some people take them to a vet to have the webbing clipped or they do it themselves.

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Thanks for your help! I have supplied sav-a-chick in the water but she won't drink it unless I bring it to her in a spoon. Her other foot has an even more prominent webbing issue than the one pictured. I think she does need it released, but first I think she needs to get stronger! Poor thing is going to need a little extra TLC. I really appreciate your response!
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I agree, wait until she is stronger.

Make sure she is hydrated well.

If she is having a bit of trouble eating, you can try wet chick starter (all chicks seem to love it). You can mix the chick food with the vitamin water if you wish.

An eye dropper or syringe works well with getting water into them too, you just have to be patient, but if she will drink from a spoon that is great.

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Hi again, just wanted to thank you for your advice! She's doing much better since I got brave and clipped her webbing. Now her balance allows her to stoop down to peck at food and to drink on her own. She's got a will to survive! And she loves wet chick starter--you were right 😊
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Glad to hear she is doing great!

You did a good job!

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