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New Here from south Arkansas

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Sorry, I don't even know how to get around   I'm southernyankee202, but it would only let me put 2. I'm new here, apparently don't know what I'm doing   That's ok, I'm good natured, easy going person, don't get excited about anything and love life. I joined here to see what I can find out about chickens. I've looked at several breeds, looking for some that would get along well together that are docile, cause they would wind up pets, as I'm sure a lot of you out there do. This will be a past time for me, something to enjoy and have fun with. A friend has chickens and is nice enough to give me eggs once in a while.

I was wondering if it might be better to purchase off the internet just exactly what you want or to buy locally. My friend, Diane, purchased 25 chicks and most of them turned out to be roosters and I don't want that. I may want 1 rooster......maybe, not sure about that yet. I had a neighbor that had a rooster across the road and that goofy thing would crow any time of the day or night, I don't care what time you were up. Do they all do that???  Any way, look forward to hearing from anyone and all and get to be friends. Bye for now.
The Yankee
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I'm new too.  From North Carolina...the state in the darkest of ages :)   I am so glad I have found this site, however, I too am having a bit of a time getting around it.


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Hi Yankee and Rosie  :welcome


It does take a little while to learn to get around but keep exploring and you will find all kinds of cool stuff.  


Don't know what to tell you about breeds (except to look in the Breeds section at the top).  Only advise I would have is that if you want to limit the number of birds you have, not to get one that has a tendency to go broody.  Sounds like a lot of people know how to stop them from going broody once they start, but seems to me that some go broody a lot.  

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Hi there.  Been to North Carolina, pretty country. I'm so new I don't even have any chickens   I don't care, I'm working on it.  How many do you have, what breeds and are they laying yet?  How much property do you have?  I have 4 acres, looks kind of like rolling hills, it's not flat. I need to get to town, pick up some medicine, but I'll be back.  Bye for now.


The Yankee

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We have four hens and a rooster, all rhode island reds (production reds).  They are a year old now and have been laying for a while, get 4 brown eggs a day.  Ours are in a tractor coop with a run on each side (because of hawks) and we have one acre.  Your property sounds pretty.  Our property isn't flat but not hilly either.  Our chickens are pets (and named) lol.  They are quite entertaining.

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Hey I started with 6 chicks from Tractor Supply and I'm down to 4.  One came to me sick and then a crow took the head off of a  poor baby.  We live in a small town! We have about an acre at most.  They are about 7 weeks old and I was of course told that they were ALL chicks, no roosters.  WE'll see. I have a suspicion on is a rooster which is a problem.  Our silly little town having chickens isn't allowed so I need to keep them on the down low so a rooster would blow our cover  

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Hey there Yankee. Nice to meet you! I am down here in Central Florida. Originally from upstate N.Y.. New to site, but not to chickens. I had a fairly large mixed flock at one time,but back down to none at present moment. Boo! I am working on remedying that situation as soon as possible. Lol!
In regards to your question: exactly what do you want chickens for? Eggs? meat? Or both? Showing ? There are like 7,000 breeds out there to choose from, but if you are in Alabama, you want something that's heat hardy for sure! Roosters do crow at all hours, not just in the am. They make no crow collars for them now that I hear help, but if you don't want to be bothered, you can order sexed chicks from a hatchery or breeder that can do this. It's a bit more expensive but at least you won't have to rehouse a ton of roo's. There are also a few auto sexing breeds out there that are great egg layers.....the sex links, Cream Legbars are good examples.
In the past I had all hens( bought sexed chicks) and had Black Australorps, Buff Orpingtons, New Hampshire Reds, Speckled Sussex, Partridge Plymouth Rocks, and Dominiques, Black Copper Marans, Americaunas, and Red Sex Links. Loved them all, but have to admit the New Hampshires were bully's . A great way to explore breeds is to order a hatchery catalog, or view it on line. Pics and descriptions are pretty accurate. Of course this site is awesome too! My Pet Chicken sells small amounts of chicks if you only want a few......lots of options!! Have fun with it!
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Sorry to hear about your chicks Rosie.  We got ours from Lumber 2 and they were very accurate on the sexes.  Hens can be noisy too by the way so good luck with that  :fl  but our rooster does make more noise; and yes, he does crow whenever he feels like it.  Lots of people here post pictures of their chickens and ask if they are pullets or cockerels and get good responses, though they have a lot more experience with that than I do.  Rule around our town is that you have to have one acre to have chickens, and roosters are allowed.  

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Thanks for the suggestions and help. I have had chickens before but never had a bit of trouble with crows!  Fox, now that is different. We lived on a small farm then and the foxes were trouble all the time. Now it's just keeping the neighbors happy or clueless :P

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Rosie, I am going to send you a PM (personal message).

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