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Cure for Diarrhea

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I have to have my hens on Baytril for 3 weeks for MS / MG (yes, they've been tested and they have both).  This is their best shot at survival.  The problem is that the antibiotics have given one of them raging diarrhea. The vet tried taking her off the AB for a few days to see if that would help, but I think the damage to her digestive system was done and it didn't help, so she put her back on the Baytril. I've tried a bread and rice diet for days on end, but stopped it for fear of causing problems with her laying - also, it didn't work.  Does anyone know if chickens can have Immodium or Pepto Bismol in small doses?  Maybe a probiotic would be best?  I'm at a loss...:he

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Talk to your vet about your concerns.

A probiotic may be helpful or something like plain yogurt.

Are you providing them with a poultry ration? What type of treats?

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My vet hasn't been much help...:/  I'm not sure what poultry ration refers to, but I feed her pellets (which she hates and throws on the ground), a tiny bit of scratch with her antibiotic, and a few bits of catfood (she hit her molt in the coldest part of winter here and got hooked). Our grass has greened and there are lots of bugs out, so I imagine that's where she gets the majority of her calories.  I do have some Greek yogurt, but it has maple or vanilla in it.  I wonder if it will hurt?

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I would use plain yogurt. Some feed stores like Tractor Supply carry probiotics for poultry.

If she hates her layer pellets, then you can try offering them wet. A lot of people, myself included, feed an all flock type food (crumbles) which is higher in protein and have success with that. Mine love wet food, so several times a week I make them a "mash" - crumbles, warm water, then mix in a little scratch, sunflower seeds, apple, kale - basically just a little something to give it some "oomph", but they will eat the wet crumbles by itself as well.  Then of course, provide oyster shell free choice.

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