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My family and I are moving to Frederick County Maryland.  I've read the post "Frederick County Maryland Chickens and livestock laws and ordinances", and I was hoping to get a sense of the experiences any of you in the county have had with getting the special agricultural exception.  The process seems straightforward enough, but I was wondering how specific your plans need to be.  Would day tractoring chickens be fine within setbacks, so long as their permanent coop is far away enough from neighbors?


I would like to get chickens initially, but would like to move into ducks, quail, rabbits, geese, and hogs (not at the same time, but in different years).  Does the exception apply just to chickens, or do other animals qualify?  For example, If I present a plan for chickens and a coop within acceptable setbacks, can I add a rabbit hutch (also within the setback requirements), or would I have to resubmit and pay again for them to come out again?