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3 pullets

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My first night with my three pullets. I just checked in them and instead of climbing the ladder to roost in the coop, they are huddled on the ground. They've been in a box with a small roost since birth so at what point do I need to show them what to do? Will they figure it out on their own?


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If they're outside, go ahead and put them in the coop. Chickens are creatures of habit and need time (and routine) to get used to new things. After a few times of moving them to the coop, usually at least one of them figures it out and will lead the others.

If they're just on the floor of the coop instead of outside, they may be huddling for comfort due to the change.
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They are on the ground. They're about 8 weeks old. I just put them in there a few hours ago so I'm going to let them settle down a bit and start the training tomorrow. Thanks for the help!
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Set them on the perch in the coop, petted each one for a minute and they stayed all night!
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