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Whitish discharge from left eye!

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My golden buff hen was having mites problem before, after treating him with a spray advised by a vet he was doing perfectly okay. He is active , runs alot , but yesterday i saw whitish discharge from his left eye. Cleaned it up but today it was there again. Had to use a tissue to clean up the eye. Seemed whitish but on tissue the liquid color is somehow brownish. He is opening his beak sometimes alot like hes gasping for air ...nseemed normal to me as summer is almost here now. Any help will be appreciated.
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Sounds like an upper respiratory infection of some sort. I would start a round of antibiotics on him. Luckily it's a rooster and you won't have to withhold the eggs. Hopefully someone else can chime in on which medicine is best.

In the meantime, make sure he is isolated so it doesn't spread like wildfire.
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He is the only one left sad.png He used to be way too friendly now he wont even leme touch him.... I contacted the vet, he told me to give him Enro-C (Enrofloxacin Hcl Colistin Sulphate) antibiotic in his water for 3 days.... Can somebody tell me if thats okay? Anyone who experienced this?
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Enrofloxacin or baytril is about as strong an antibiotic as there is, and is broad spectrum, which will treat respiratory infection and other types of infection in the eye. It should not be used in a chicken that will be eventually eaten.
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Thankyou and hes not gonna be eaten smile.png
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Did it work because today i have a chicken that had some whitish discharge from her left eye. She is withdrawn with her head tucked in and looks like she feels bad. I have isolated her, but haven't done anything yet because i don't know what to do.

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Yes it did, i mixed 1cc of this antibiotic injection in their drinking water . if the chick is not drinking himself, feed him that water through a dropper eveey 3 hour, constantly for next 3 days. If no changes occur or it gets worse take him to a vet ASAP. Let us know what happens ....
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just wondering where you got the enro-c from. can't find it on the internet or at the tractor supply store.

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It can be under a different product name . The formula name is : Enrofloxacin Hcl Colistin Sulphate. Heres something as a reference for you to read :
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Originally Posted by Traw View Post

just wondering where you got the enro-c from. can't find it on the internet or at the tractor supply store.
Go to the top of this page in the search box, and enter baytril or enrofloxacin sources.
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