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My fist flock included a Barred Rock, Production Red, and EE. Mind you all except the rock were mislabeled as Rhode Island Red and Americana (notice the incorrect, misleading spelling). My EE was the flightiest, but her eggs were light green and a lot of fun to collect. She was a beautiful girl. Her egg laying was inconsistent. When she fist started I got 21 straight days of eggs. Then a day off and 14 more in a row. I t went on like that for all of my girls. Then the EE, Snickers, took several weeks off. back and forth. They were pets, so it wasn't an issue for me other than not knowing if everything was ok. Snickers was at the bottom of the pecking order. They were re-homed with a family friend when we moved 12 hours away, and lived happily ever after :) The barred Rock was seen with a brood of her own. Happy egg collecting!

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I'll be adding jubilee's, Swedish flowers and welsummers here soon I'm going to pick up straight runs of them in the morning hoping to get a bunch of ladies not some many cockerels!
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Out of the 3 chicks I picked up this week, 2 are supposed to be Swedish Flower. They are straight run also. The Jubilee are beautiful! The chicks I saw were $40 each. A little too steep for me right now, just starting out. Do you mean Orpington or is there another type of Jubilee? I was hoping to get a Welsummer, but maybe that will be next season.


At least with my newest chicks I am able to sleep at night. The first ones I got, I was up all night, many nights in a row. Like most new parents. Just making sure they had all they needed and jumping to respond to every peep. I am still checking them all the time, making sure they are breathing and such. So many people lose chicks so easily, I just feel like it could happen at any time. But I just pay attention, respond as needed and do my best with the knowledge I have today. Every day I learn something new, it's hard to keep it straight sometimes...


Fun to hear about your flock,

Happy Day

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I paid 10 a peice for the Swedish flowers and 40 for the two jubilee Orpingtons (which were green fire hatching eggs) and got 5 welsummers for free so I'm hoping I get All pullet flowers ,one cockerel an one pullet jubilee (hey I can dream) as for the welsummers any cockerels will be sold.

Thanks my hobby used to be cars (I have my own body shop) but chickens are pretty neat and cheaper thus far haha.
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