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Splayed legs? Emergency

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I really need someone's help about this. my chicken hatched 2 days ago with splayed least I think that is the problem. My vet immobilized its leg and i tied it together with a string (different from the picture...upgraded :) ) the problem is that i think it's not working at all. Little guy keeps falling on his head as if he had no balance at all. I tried to help him stand but each time I released him he just fell again.

Could someone suggest something i am really stressed about this. Also I think that the problem is not in his "hips" but in his "knee"? i dont know the correct terms. 


I appreciate all the help I will get

P.S. I dont know if you can see but his joints are bloody :/

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First off, :welcome!  Sorry your first post is so troubling.  What you are describing sounds very similar to a recent hatch we had that i just posted about.  In our case, it turned out to be Slipped Tendon versus Splayed Leg.  If nothing else, that might give you another search term to help with your research.

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This is it. I am pretty sure this is it. Thank you for you advice and thank you for you help. I just hope i will be able to help my little one and that it is not too late.

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