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Sick chick!!!! Help!

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I came in to check in my chicks and two of my little Bantys were wet, one was fine, the other was laying under the light huddled and looked bad off, j got them both dry but the huddled one looked like it had a case of pasty butt so I cleaned it up and got it to poop some, but it's still so weak and keeps throwing its head back and opening its mouth, what do I do? I've sent my fiancé out for a cup of plain yogurt
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Update he just died sad.png 😢😭
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I have one that is dying right now too. Found her laying away from the heat, with her wings spread around her, peeping softly. When I picked her up, she was cold. Been holding her to warm her up, but she just keeps getting more and more quiet and lethargic. sad.png
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I blow dried mine on low with the drying far enough away that it wouldn't get burnt and it warmed him up I was just too late to save him
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Mine too. Sorry for your loss.
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