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Splayed leg

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So I have a 2 day old chick with a splayed leg and I put a bandage around its feet to keep them together with a gap so it can walk and it keeps slipping it's leg out. It wasn't happy about the bandage at all because it couldn't walk well with it. So I've been checking on it frequently to make sure it hasn't fallen over and getting attacked by the others. So I look in and think oh good it's out moving around then I see half the bandage flopping behind it. Grrr. I don't really want to handle it any more for fear of killing it. But what do I do?
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Go to the feed store and get vet wrap, and cut it into strips about 1/2 wide, or use the human version (Coban, other brands) at the drug store first aid aisle. A bandaid cut into lengthwise works well also, but harder to remove if it needs adjustment or to check how the chick is walking. Here are 2 good links to see with pictures:


Treating Spraddle Legs  splay%2Bleg%2Bblog%2Bpics%2B2-16-12%2B%252815%2529.png  splay%2Bleg%2Bblog%2Bpics%2B2-16-12%2B%252814%2529.pngCoban Elastic Bandage 1in x 5yds      Treating Spraddle Legs 

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It wasn't having to much trouble before I put the bandage on but you could tell it was struggling. And it's just the one leg. With the bandage it hobbled pretty bad. I think it will take a little while to adjust to having it on its legs.
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Can you post a picture of your chick standing? It's possible that it has a slipped tendon instead of splayed legs. Also you may want to use a chick chair for a day or so to let it get uses to standing.  Here is a good site to read:



106200_chick_chair.jpg  LLLL


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I'm trying not to mess with it and taking the bandage off to take a picture is more stress on the chick. The one leg is straight in thr hip joint or whatever ( where thr leg meets the body) and the other is like it's turned out. It's making it around to the feed and stuff. I figure I'll give it the afternoon to destress but leave the bandage then tonight when I get home from work (I have a chick sitter thank goodness) I'll change it to vet wrap. I tell you what this is my first hatch and probably my last. Awful! I hate to see and struggling animal but I have to do anything I can to save it cuz I don't have it in me to "cull"
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