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Another poop picture. New flock

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I have read through PAGES of posts about poop so I can make some assumptions. But, I am wondering how much stool changes can just be stress?

I drove about 2 1/2 hours to pick up 2 roosters and 2 hens from a friend who hatched them for me last spring. I was going to get 4 hens but a critter got into her hen house so she didn't have the numbers to give me those extra.

Her chickens are healthy and no new birds come to her place. They hatch everything there.  They are free range during the day. I don't think they wormed them though.

Since I couldn't get many from her, I went to an acquaintance to get 4 hens. He is organic and non GMO but the chickens are in a building about 15 x 10 all day. I didn't ask him if he wormed.

Everyone looks and acts fine. They all are roosting together on the top roost. Eating and drinking fine.

I just brought them home 5 days ago. I am getting about 3 eggs a day. I wasn't expecting any right away.

So my set up is: 12 x 20 building and they can free range in 1/2 acre of pasture. I have been giving them layer feed for now. The floor is sand so they have grit. I have been giving them produce cut up like lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, kale once a day.

So....wondering if this is stress, food change, wrong green snacks, or illness. The poop board I have under the roosts is nasty! I didn't think it was an issue until I started reading the posts.


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Here is another picture of a different one. There are some normal poops as well.

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Can someone tell me if I have an issue or not? They are all acting normally except one hen sleeps in the corner and the others are on the roost. They are all eating layer feed, veggie scraps, and drinking well. The 6 hens are laying 4 eggs a day ave but they are new to my farm so I wasn't expecting them to lay for a bit.

Some poop looks fine. Should I just wait a bit longer?

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It is normal for them to have caramel colored poo here and there and is related to stress. Even the smallest thing will cause runny poo momentarily. If it persists then I would worry. We've been doing construction and the girls have been pooing runny caramel here and there.
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Thanks so much!

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