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Rooster possibly sick?

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My rooster is possible sick? He doesn't seem to be eating a lot. I gave him some scratch and he just put his head down but didn't eat any. He just stands around and follows my hens, but still humps them.


Does anyone know what's wrong with him?

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Welcome to BYC. How does his crop feel--full, soft, hard, or empty? How are his droppings? Can you pen him up and add some vitamins with electrolytes to his water? Offer a small amount of chopped egg or tuna, along with his feed. Fluids are more important at first. Has he been wormed recently?
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Ty. c:


Well its daytime right now so I can't catch him. I'll test tonight, but it looks pretty full.


He's got some really bad diarrhea. Then again, he's always had on-and-off diarrhea, more than not.


I don't have any extra places to put him, and I think special vitamins, etc. is unnecessary.


No, none of my chickens have been wormed and never needed to be.

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Electrolytes with vitamins are usually standard treatment for a chicken not eating. They come in powder form, such as Rooster Booster and Durvet brands that make many gallons of water. You can use some gatorade if you like to rehydrate him.
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Hmm. I'll have to look into that.


He's not dehydrated. Just doesn't seem to be eating a lot, but I'm sure he is. He's a pretty big bird, lol.




Can you help me with something else?


I have 2 hens and 1 rooster. My two hen's backs are getting scratched up from Storm (my rooster)'s claws. I've tried several hen aprons, but Storm just pushes them up and it doesn't do anything. And I can't separate him, or the hens will wander off.


My solution was to get more hens, but I don't have anywhere to integrate them. What would be the best thing to get to integrate them? Build a new pen, or buy a cage, etc.?


And would you know any good layer breeds? My 2 hens are an Orpington and a Silver-Penciled Plymouth Rock, and they lay well.

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Ah, Storm seems to be back to normal, hungry as ever!

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