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Baby chick probs....need help!

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I got baby chicks yesterday from local coop. One of my chicks will barely open her eyes and seems unstable walking and standing. She has yet to eat and will only drink if I dip her beak into the water. I am using electrolytes in water. I've separated her from the other chicks. I'm not sure if there is a venting issue or not. Suggestions?
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Welcome to BYC. The chick may be be weak from shipping stress or dehydration. Dip her beak several times an hour into the electrolyte water or drip it into her mouth with a dropper or syringe tonight and tomorrow. Look at her vent for any pasting up, and clean it off with soap and water. Keep her warm around 90 degrees with a thermometer on the floor of your brooder with a cooler spot nearby. I hope that she recovers.
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Also new to chicken raising and have the same issue with one of my chick's that I picked up on tuesday...I separated her and use a dropper hoping for the best.
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I visited feed stores in my area 3 times this spring, and as always looked at the baby chicks for sale. Two out of three visits to different stores had either most of the chicks with pasty butt, or overcrowded brooders with nipple waterers so far to one side of 6 ft. brooders that many chicks were never going to get to water. I was glad that I wasn't getting any this year. Welcome Spieta89, and I hope your chick makes it also.
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Thanks for the advice! How long does it typically take for the chicks to recover?
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If it is going to recover it should perk up in the next 24 hours, but sometimes they are so weakened that they don't always make it. I'm in hopes the electrolytes will help, but you have to really keep at it the next few hours. Let us know how it is doing tomorrow.

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As of this morning, she is still alive, but still will not drink on her own and is not eating. She seems to be opening her eyes a little more, but she still seems a bit unstable. I've had to continue to clean her vent area and have applied Vaseline to help. I really don't know what else to do at this point. She will get up and walk around some, but gets tired quickly.

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