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Sick Hen? Advice please.

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Hello. I have a gold sex link, hen that seems like she is losing weight.

She has also been laying irregularly shaped eggs. 

Have any of you guys ever seen either weight loss, or strangely shaped eggs from your hens?

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Any pictures of the strange shaped egg?

How old is she?

What type of food/treats do you feed?


Here is a couple of links to egg problem, causes, etc.

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I'll have to take a picture tomorrow of her egg.  Some day's are worse than others.  The egg isn't perfectly shaped it's slightly asymmetrical and buldges to one side.

They eat custom mixed layer pellets from our feed store.  They also get our fruit and veggie scraps, and free range during the day.  We recently got a rooster, and she is the alpha hen.  I'm not sure if she is taking it hard that there is a new rooster, or what.  She isn't the boss anymore. 

She is about a year old.

Thank you!
I'll look at these. :)

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