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chick crumb?

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hello, i have two 8 nearly 9 week old chicks. I recently bought a big bag of chick crumb and I have been reading that they need to go on to growers pellets.

can i keep giving them the chick crumb till the bag runs out of do i need to change to growers?


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Indeed you can. Generally speaking the only difference between starter and growers feed is the crumb size (at least here in Kenya).



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All chicken crumbles and pellets are pretty much the same thing. In fact, I've even bought chick crumbles for my adult flock when the feed store had run out of grower. There's very little difference with the exception of layer feed, which isn't suited to any chickens except for laying hens.


Ignore the "helpful" guidance by feed manufacturers designed to sell more feed to you that you don't need.

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ok  i wasn't sure if the growers had somthing diffrent in that helped them grow or somthing like that! the chicks are starting to do little clucks is that normal? 

thank you !!

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