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I have had my solar powered, linear actuator automatic coop door, with a chicken night light in operation for a month now and it is working great.


All the credit of the design goes to Wick and his Heavy Duty Solar Powered Automatic Chicken Coop Door.  It is a great well documented design.  I took most of my inspiration from it adding a few modifications to suit my needs. 


I used similar parts/materials to those Wick listed in his post.  Adding a third timer and an LED strip light for a "chicken night light".  Two DPDT switches (a momentary switch and a ON-OFF-ON switch).  The additional switches added the ability to switch from Automatic Mode (timer driven), to Manual Mode (user input, up/down), and OFF.


This is the circuit diagram:






I mounted the battery, timers, and switches on a piece of plywood and enclosed it all into an MTM ACR8-72 Ammo Crate Utility Box.


This is a pic of the final product:





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