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New runners to duck farm

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Did some trading today got 11 6 month old runners.couple are mix tho you can tell with mallard.also got 3 mail order baby runners.we are now at a total of 50 breeding ducks
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Here is a few more.
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Those are some good looking runners

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I got 3 white fawns to that are 2-weeks old
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Beautiful ducks. I've got 13 ducklings coming from Metzers Tuesday or Wednesday and I couldn't be more excited. I'm getting mine for egg production for my family and friends. If I end up selling some extras to help pay for feed so be it.

My question to you is with 50 breeders, are your ducks still in the hobby range or have they moved up to being an occupation? I ask because I'm an electrician in commercial construction and have frequent daydreams of a so-called duck farm.
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We still are a hobby. I work a full time job .if you could free range and have a pond you can cut a lot time down.all mine have 10x20 pens. So I fill 5 gallon water buckets every day.also I'm goin not just have 1 breed I like to have about 10 that makes little harder to keeping separate .we are at 5 breeds right now.j sell eggs eat eggs hatch ducklings and sell them.but not in full force yet.i buy a cheaper feed so it hurts my production so.trying find the cheapest feed and keep egg production up.
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That's kind of what I thought you'd say. Great information there though and I appreciate it. My ducks are just my first step to providing myself with a little extra food (eggs). Soon I want a garden of greens but that's in the future. My ducklings should be here tomorrow and they're going to be my first ducks. I'm no stranger to hard work so I'm pretty excited to start taking care of them.
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13 happy and healthy birds arrived this morning!
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Congratulations on the ducks! What breeds did you get?   I also ordered from Metzer. I got 3 runners (one male), one pekin and three Campbell's. Two of mine died, so I had to get more from them. So  4 are 9 days old today, and 3 (the Campbell's) are two days old. I just got the other three today.

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