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Bantam Chick found on her Back...??? Now running around?

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Millie S. is a Mille Fleur Bantam chick that was part of an order from a hatchery There were 11 standards and 4 bantams. All of the bantams were showing signs of weakness when they first arrived, but Millie S. was stronger than the others.  Although we gave them all TLC, the three other Banties and one standard died within the first few days. You all know this is so distressing.


I've spend hours watching my little flocks, and Millie S. was eating, drinking, pooping, self-regulating her heat, and running like the others, but she takes extended standing naps - I've been worried about this from the beginning.  She will close her eyes, stay in one place for a really long time, and sway back and forth a little.  This is a pretty typical chick thing, but she just naps for longer. A few days ago she really started to show signs of lethargy, and we discovered she had Pasty Butt, which we gently cleaned. After she got cleaned, she pooped up a storm. 


For the following two days, we kept an eye on her, and she seemed to be back to normal, with the exception of the extended naps, which I've never seen any other chicken do. We've had chicks for 30 years, but have never ordered from a hatchery before (and wont ever again... (it's been a nightmare - this batch was "the replacment batch" - after losing over 50% from our original order).


Yesterday, my husband found her upside down on her back. We gave her some TLC, checked for pasty butt (none), and all of the other signs of disease or disorder. She seems perfectly healthy, although very subdued.  I fully expected to find her dead this morning, but she is running around like normal again.


This chickie is giving me grey hairs - can anybody shed some light?

1) Is this long standing nap a bantam thing?

2 Have you ever had a chick that was upside down, and then returned to normal?


What is up with little Millie S.?


(S. stands for survivor, by the way...  )

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I would treat her with some electrolytes and vitamins in her water. Some even have probiotics as well, and I would try to get her to drink as much as possible. It sounds like she still is having some stress symptoms from shipping that probably killed the others. I hope she makes it since I really love my little mille fleur d'uccle. I remember when I got her and her brother 5 years ago, that they were much more fragile at first, but did well once they got a couple of weeks old.
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Eggs... Did you notice that your Mille Fleur "huddled" more than the others? We've been calling this the standing nap?
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My banties were more subdued, but were healthy and active, just were easily trampled by the larger chicks. Sleepiness, huddling, puffing up, and lethargy are signs of shipping stress or dehydration in very young chicks, but in chicks a few weeks old, can be signs of coccidiosis. How old is your mille?

Millie and Sarge a couple of years ago
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Millie was hatched two weeks ago tomorrow. She is now seemingly fine, although definately more delicate than the others, but I just lost Cleo - out of the blue. Yesterday was unusually hot - we had vented the brooder, turned off the light, filled water, etc... She was lethargic and swaying, and this morning was dead. I think she was going to be a Dorking - which is not necessarily a delicate brand for heat, but I guess they're really never out of the woods. We've added some chick vitamin water.


Thanks for your feedback

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Update -


Thanks for all of your help - Millie S. is still around and (of course) a standard favorite.  She pulled through and is growing nicely. :)

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That is good to hear about Millie, but I am sorry that you lost Cleo.
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