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Lice/ mites

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So stupid me bought three new adult hens from a non reputable person (come to find out). I only seperated from my existing flock for a few days. I found lice on one of the new hens on third day together. I dusted eveyone (under wings and vent areas) thoroughly and changed ALL bedding. I used garden and poultry dust with permethrin. I really douced them alot, when do you repeat. They are all together again, is that okay? I read the permethrin kills on contact. Any responses are GREATLY appreciated....also i found gray scabs on vents/ bottom feathers with no live bugs, what are those?!
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Lice eggs hatch out every 10 days, so you will need to retreat at 10 day intervals until you see no more lice or eggs. You may want to post a picture of the scabs, but they may be from scratching or pecking at the lice.
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Thank you, those areas are the nites I believe. They are cemented on there, how do you remove them? Or is it not necessary if yous re dust in 10 days?
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The eggs will hatch 10 days from when they were laid. This can be tricky, but since they have to be a certain age to produce more eggs after they hatch, theoretically, treating in 10 days will get them. Some people have reported that coconut oil applied to the nits will help to remove them. Remember to retreat the coop.
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Thank you very much!
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