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sick birds

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Our 2 11 month old hens are losing weight so we took a poop sample in for testing and they were diagnosed with coccidia and heterakis. We were to told give them Corid and Wazine. Is this true and is it ok to mix the two? If so, what is the recommended dosage?



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talk to casportpony or eggsissive.

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Ok. Thanks.

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Corid (amprollium) in the water will treat coccidiosis. Dosage is 1 1/2 tsp of the Corid powder per gallon of water for 5 days. Heterakis gallinarium or cecal worms is more difficult to treat than some worms. Instead of Wazine, I would get fenbendazole (Safeguard liquid goat wormer or horse paste) and give her 1 1/4 ml (for a 5 pound hen) orally for 3 days in a row. If your hens are less or more than 5 pounds, use 1/4 ml per pound.
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Thank you very much!! We started the Wazine just because we didn't have any Safeguard and didn't want to wait any longer. Is it ok to stop the Wazine and start the Safeguard after a few days of treatment?

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Yes, I would go ahead and give the safeguard once the Corid is finished. Also give some probiotics or plain hogurt, and some poultry vitamins to get the gut bacteria back to normal.
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Thank you again for your help. We have a few more questions if you don't mind....Since we already bought Wazine, how many days are we supposed to be giving it to our hens before we stop and how long after we stop can we eat the eggs again? As for the Safeguard, I cannot find it for poultry. Can I use Safeguard for goats and dilute it? If so how many days should I administer it? I have been giving them a proboitic and they have put on weight. We just want to make sure we get rid of the worms.....Thanks again!

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You're welcome. Wazine is only given in the water for 24 hours. There is a 14 day withdrawal time from finishing the Wazine. SafeGuard Liquid Goat Wormer or SafeGuard Equine Paste (and Panacur Equine Paste) are the forms of fenbandazole used in chickens. The Goat Wormer is a little easier to draw up in a syringe. The dosage is 1/4 ml per pound of weight given orally for 5 consecutive days to treat all difficult worms including roundworm, cecal or heterakis worm, gapeworm, and capillaria worm. So a 5 lb chicken would get 1 1/4 ml. If you have tested a fecal sample at your vet's office, you may only need to treat for 1 day to get roundworm followed in 10 days by a second dose, or for 3 days to get cecal and gapes. Since your chickens have cecal (heterakis) worms, you should treat for at least 3 days in a row. Egg withdrawal is 14 days after the last dose. I really prefer Valbazen sheep and cattle wormer, since it treats all chicken worms with 1 dose followed by a second dose in 10 days. Dosage is 1/4 ml for small chickens, 1/2 l for a 5 pound hen, and 3/4 ml for a large hen or rooster. Valbazen is found in fewer feed stores (Rural King and Southern States Co-op) but is easily found online. TSC carries Safeguard Liquid Goat Wormer. 

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Is there a natural way to treat either of these ?
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