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Young Roo straining and prolapsed current Emergency care not working

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Aloha Team,

I couldn't find my old account information, so forgive my lack of introduction here.  I found one of the young farm roosters (3mo or so they are right in the stage when roos get really leggy) lethargic and tail down yesterday.  I put him in the plastic tote, took him home, cleaned him, and began the frantic search and found prolapse.  But not a lot on male prolapse.


He seems to be his own worst enemy, as he is picking at the red, swollen prolapsed tissue. I have tried my best, but he seems to be straining more and more.  I feel like none of the solutions are working, and he is straining to poo ever more frequently.  I have put him on a diet with all of the recommended foods, like plain yogurt, his normal crumbles soaked, oatmeal, and a bit of boiled egg.  He is eating all of the moist food, but not drinking water.  He is a free range bird. 


As for his rear, both sides of his prolapsed organ are torn, but I keep it as clean as I can. The tissue is like wet scabs but not otherwise looking infected.  No signs of flies yet. He had the prolapse bleeding when I found him, but now it is not so. He wants to tug at the skin in a preening like fashion.  In his straining, he is able to excrete poo, and urea is also present.  The honey, and now Prep H have yet to take away the redness or the swelling.  I have him in a darkened bathroom so he gets some rest.  He is now pushing back every time I try to gently push the prolapse back in.  I have stopped trying, and tried to encourage him to rest. 


Should I stop trying to reinsert the prolapse, until the swelling goes down?  Is the swelling not going down because he continues to strain?  I could use some help.  Thank you for your time in this,

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 Anyone have an idea about this?  I may not be using the terms properly.  I am also tried searching hernia. 


He is awake and active today.  I was able to loosen his stools up overnight, but each time he needs to poo, the part pops out again.  The tissue where he picked at it is now clearly dead tissue on each side.   No sign of infection yet.  He is acting like a teenaged rooster today, trying to break free of his "tote ICU."  His flock mates do not have this issue, including his 7 brothers and sisters.  Swelling is not going down, and I am unsure why the prep H didn't do the trick.  Today's diet are his beloved soaked pellets, 1/2 a banana (normal food for him in Hawaii) and a spoonful of yogurt.  I wrap him in a towel, and let him sit in the sun a little bit each day.  ​He is drinking water when I push his head into the dish, but he doesn't seem to be going for it on his own.  Moist food going in...moist poop coming out.  That is all I have got as a progress report!

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I am going to do another update since it seems like too busy of a day on the emergency forum...


I mixed steamed squash and coconut oil together and he loved it.  All else is the same, except straining seems a bit less...strained.  He is otherwise bright eyed and even flew onto my bed so to be near me and the dogs.  Hardest bit right now is that as soon as I get him clean and pushed back in, he poos again (and cycle repeats every 7 minutes or so with his swollen bits escaping his body and being soiled in excrement.) Swelling may be ever so slightly less...or that may be wishful thinking.  I am using the Neosporin in combo with the prep H to treat the dead skin/wounded bits, and the swelling.  Just trying to keep the bathroom/tote very clean so not encourage any infection. 

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I've had great success using honey to keep the prolapse in on 2 different occassions with different roos. I think the honey helps soothe and relax the muscle. I just slathered a whole lot and push it back in with plenty of honey. It worked way better than any over the counter medicine. Goodluck!
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Great, thanks Egg0.  I just bathed, applied, and rolled him in a towel.  I'll take him to the sun chair and see if "we" can keep it in this time....

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How did it go? Any luck? I hope ur roo is doing better.
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