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Scared ducks

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I have 4 adorable 4 week old swedish ducks. We want to play with them, but they are just so timid and flat out afraid of us. We are trying the good old bring em a treat every time you go to them method, but its just not working. Any advice???
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Ducklings will be naturally afraid of you. I still have yet to lower the fear in our ducklings. I hang around them and once in a while try to feed them a treat in my hand. Our ducklings are our first. So I have no idea about ducks. Although if they get closer to you then try to sit still. Not a duck expert so if you want professional advice then I'd wait for some. A duckling and them getting used to you might also depend on personality. It's all about patience when helping ducklings get used to you as far as I can say.
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4 weeks is about the time ducklings go through a phase where everything is out to get them.


But stick with them, continue spending time with them on their level, don't hover over them for you are a giant trying to eat them...

Sit on the floor and hang with them. They will get over it eventually.

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