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Hen acting quiet/solitary...

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Hi folks,


One of our buff orpingtons has recently been spending a strange amount of time in the nest box. I've rarely seen her outside the coop for a few days now. She acts reasonably okay when we give her treats and water, she accepts both, but overall her behavior is on the quiet side. This morning we picked her up and she was sitting on a couple of eggs, but even after taking them away an hour ago, she remains in the box. There's no apparent sign of damage to her skin, feathers or vent.


Any idea what might be going on with her? We have a chicken specialist in town who we can call to check the hen out, but we thought we'd ask here first. Thanks!

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From what you have described I would say she is broody. Even taking the eggs away from her may not stop her being broody staying in the nest box even though they are gone I would say she is determined to brood. Have a read of these articles they are most helpful ~
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Thanks, Yorkshire, that does sound like what's happening here. It's funny, most of the verbiage I'm reading there seems to be excited about the hens becoming broody, but we couldn't care less (we have three hens, no desire to raise chicks). :) In any case, we'll keep an eye on her but assume that she's fine. Thanks again!

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Your most welcome highfive.gif

If you are not wanting to add to your flock numbers you can try and break her from being broody. Here is an article on discouraging it ~
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Ah, interesting - I guess we can't necessarily leave her alone after all! At the very least I suppose we'll bring her down to the run into the sunlight and see if she remains out there for long. If not, maybe we'll try the cage method, we have a big dog crate we can put her in for that purpose if need be.

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That's a great idea with the crate. Being broody can take a lot out of hens so if your not wanting chicks there is no sense letting her continue with being broody. Some sure can be determined to brood so snapping her out of it quick still be best.

Good luck with her fl.gif
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