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crop emptying

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so I have a pigeon baby, the mom wouldn't lay on him or do I've become mom and been taking care of it round the clock..we are now on day 3. I've become pretty good at being able to tell when his crop is full..and I found a chart that has guidelines on how many cc's every so many hours. he now gets excited and or hungry for his food and wants to eat. this past time when I was just about done feeding him..crop full, ready to nap. he stretched his neck up real tall..and a lot of what was in the crop disappeared. did he digest it that quick? has anyone else had this happen? now I'm a little concerned because I don't want to over feed him and feed him more..but if his crop emptied that fast I would think that his next meal might come a little sooner than three hours. any thoughts? thanks.

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the crop is at the bottom of the neck  it feels soft and squesh when bird sitting normal should see full crop protrude  how old is baby and what are u feeding

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thanks for your help.. though I know where the crop is on the bird..and it was full..and squishy... and then he stretched big  and wiggled around..and it kinda disappeared..or at least got a lot smaller. hes now 4 days old. out of the many times I've fed him..its happened twice.

I'm feeding him the kaytee exact formula..hes getting stronger and growing..i just wasn't sure if it was possible for his crop to empty that fast when feeding..i guess possibly since its a very watery formula at that age? I just didn't wanna over feed him when this happens..but so far so good.

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