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I am new to raising chickens and I have no idea what to do about this bird.  She is a Dominique, about 21 weeks old and one of 6.  About 5/6 days ago I noticed she was kind of depressed.  She sort of mopped around and stayed in the pen a lot.  They have the option of free range or stay at home.  We had to go away for 4 days so I loaded them up with plenty of food and water.  When i came back she had this large lump on her throat.  Being a newbie I did some research and thought it was an impacted crop so I gave her 1cc of apple sauce and 2 doculax.  This was yesterday.  This morning the lump is about half the size so I gave her more apple sauce and duculax.  Since then i have re-read the article and discovered the crop is on the right side and this lump is on the left side and it has ridges.  Just like an esophagus.  What should I do?