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Chicks intestines are coming out

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It looks like my new chicks intestines are coming out, what can I do
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Can you locate the vent, and make sure that this is the vent and not the umbilical area. If it is indeed the vent, it is called a prolapse. Some hemorrhoid cream or honey can help reduce swelling, and then try to push it back inside. Take a QTip with some vegetable oil on it, and make sure the vent is open, and that the chick can pass droppings.
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It is the umbilical area the vent is clear. Do I just leave it alone
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Clean it with betadine, Vetericyn, or alcohol. It should dry out soon.

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Thank you so much for your help, I was so worried.
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As long as there are no other clinical signs associated with what could be an incomplete resorbtion of the yolk sack in this bird, you may want to initially consider a small dab of betadine ointment and a small circular bandage over that umbilical area as a first step. Many birds will complete the resorbtion process just fine without requiring surgical intervention. The dried umbilical stalk will fall off, and the yolk sac as it is resorbed will regress into the abdomen, with the abdomen usually closing in appropriately. Worse case scenario: there may be a small hernia remaining - assuming that infection is not present.

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Ugh I'm having this problem let me post a pic
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she doesn't eat much. She's a great drinker. She acts almost likes she's in pain, she will strain, some tissue and blood will come out and then go back in. Also making a strange sound and holding her wings out. I haven't seen her poop in a while. sad.png help!!! She is also picking at it like it is nothing her HELP HELP!!!
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well she just pooped!!! That's good right?
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I had one that looked the same as the first. It was yolk sac that had not absorbed. I put plain antibiotic ointment on it and the chick was fine.
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