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Sick from Chickens?

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We have one sick lil chicken. We aren't sure what the issue is, but we've cleaned up a pasted vent twice now.  Anyhow, shortly after handling her both my husband I came down with the "stomach flu?".  Is it possible we got sick from the chicken?  I'm thinking we got food poisoning, but just wondering if it could be from this sick lil girl...


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Yes you can get sick from handling chickens and anything that has poo on it. Campylobacter is fairly common in chickens, and though it doesn't harm them, we can get bloody diarrhea. It is also one of the most common types of food poisoning from eating undercooked chicken. I have had baby chicks inside twice, and both times I got a case of it, even though I washed my hands religiously. It runs it's course in a week or so without treatment usually, but it can be serious sometimes if dehydration occurs.
Is the chicken with pasty butt a baby chick? That is usually caused by dehydration which can occur with shipping, or keeping the chicks too warm. Probiotics or some plain yogurt mixed into food with a little water can help.
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We had vomiting, diarrhea, and I had a fever.  Does that sound like it could be from the chicken?

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If you eat out, you can never be certain where you get food poisoning. Hamburger, chickens, can all be undercooked, and make you sick. If  you have chickens it can be a problem unless you wash hands often the or use gloves. I have only had a problem when handling chicks and cleaning their feeders and waterers in the house.

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