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Sorry to hear that - i guess people are very busy, and maybe tucked up in bed right now (its 7am here in Kenya, so I'm around). Please don't take it personally - some days we have 50 members joining us and thats a lot of greeting to do. I'm sure that when you post a question, you'll get responses and if you like just chatting, theres lots of threads on different hobbies, as well as social forums that you might like to join. We are a friendly bunch - honestly :D



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Thank you hugs.gif
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It's just that I have been on here for 3 days and haven't gotten much help
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Originally Posted by Carolinn 333 View Post

It's just that I have been on here for 3 days and haven't gotten much help

Ah, ok I've seen your other thread. I'm sorry that you are disappointed in the amount of help you have received. You may find you'll get better responses if you ask a  specific question (as you have done on this thread), rather than asking a broad / general question. Your question "what works best" (or something similar) is difficult to answer as the list is far too long for most members to write (and bear in mind that some people may be at work, or busy, so sitting down to write a 2 page response is not necessarily doable). 


Here's what i do if i have a question. I search for the topic and read any articles and threads that exist, and then I either choose what may work for me and do it, or i start a thread and ask if what i have planned seems ok. If you search, and make it clear that you have done so in a thread people would, i feel, be more likely to help you out. 


So if you have any specific questions, see which forum it fits best and ask away :) - we are here to help - i promise!


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Thanks for your help
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😄 What types of chicken do you have ? I have a Sarama frizzle Nankin buff Orpington Dixie Rainbow and a black Astralorp
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Here in Kenya, we have huge difficulties in getting actual breeds, apart from commercial birds which frustrates me no end. I tend to breed
my own, mixing local chickens and commercial dual purpose birds (good layers but also meat birds). I guess there should be pics if you go to my profile and look st what I have. I sell eggs and sell birds for meat after 6 months or so of laying - only because I get bored and like having new chicks around 😊

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