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@Duck Drover The layout of my yard could potentially give them runway clearance at the moment. Most of my yard is a hill, not steep, just gradual. The yard comes to a flat for about 20 feet and then steeply drops off to the fence. I have a pond in the flat and normally I have a rather large filter made up of three 20 gallon trash cans that create a wall, of sorts, in the flat. The filter is disassembled and I'm doing some renovations to the pond plumbing so he could potentially run down the hill, jump and glide across the flat and have more than enough lift to get over the fence. The good news is I clipped his 1 wing and the filter is going back up tomorrow so his runway will be cut off.

In the past, I had accidentally spooked 3 different khaki Campbells who were standing at the edge of the flat and they jumped about 4 feet in the air and flew over the fence but I've see khaki's fly over 1000 feet on a single jump from a hill before. I didn't think Black Swedes could do really any distance of flight from the ones I had in the past but I guess this one figured out a way... hahaha