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Is my Silkie ok?

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Can you please take a look at this picture? This silkie is a little over a week old and I cant tell if its intestines or the yolk sack. I am referring the upper left portion of the chick. 

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It's hard to tell what's going on.

Could be from laying in poo?

Any other symptoms - lethargic, not eating/drinking, etc?

Soak her bottom in a little warm water and gently clean it. You can add a little epsom salt to the water if you like.  Dry her well,you may want use a hair dryer on low warm if need be. If there is swelling you can use apply hemorrhoid cream, plain neosporin or vetericyn spray to the vent area.

After you clean her up, can you post a picture?

Place her on clean dry bedding.

Provide fresh chick starter and clean water (can add some vitamins/electrolytes).

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The backside of our silkie is looking better however she has developed a bald spot that seems slightly swollen on her chest. I am not sure if this is normal or if something is wrong with her or maybe the other chicks did this. Please take a look at the picture and tell me what you think.


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Is she laying down a lot?

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