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Quail egg hatching percentages

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I have read on this site most quails with a 60 % hatch rate and thought if the eggs are al fertilised and you do everything right why is it so low and I have found if you leave them in the turner it's more like a 90% hatch rate well it was for me anyway has anyone else found any other ways to hatch a better percentage?
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Well, in humans, they estimate around 1/3 of pregnancies naturally fail and stop developing/miscarry early in the process. I don't see why we should suspect bird embryos to be any better at avoiding these types of developmental mistakes. 

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I think the 60% is either for shipped eggs or for when something hasn't been done quite right, like humidity, temperature, turning, storage before incubation and such. Or possibly when the parents are a little too closely related. When people incubate their own, fresh eggs from unrelated birds, in fully automatic incubators and nothing goes wrong, the hatch rate should be closer to 80% than to 60%.

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Thanks that's good to know. Is there any suggestions to do better? Also a lot of people talk about problems with pecking, is that with particular quail breeds or certain ages?
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We just hatched our first batch, and among those who were actually fertilized we had a 78.6% hatch rate.  We had quite a few unfertilized ones because we have one male and 8 female, which is way too many for the boy ;) 

The only pecking problem we have had is our male, who is now separated and on the freezer camp list.  He's a violent breeder and we had not heard of that until we had the problem with him.  Otherwise they are incredibly gentle and do not fight at all. 

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with my 2 1588,s hatchs have been between 99% to 100% last 3 hatchs

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get a bottle ofI just got a bottle at t and supply anti picking product.murry mc murry and stromburgs have have 3 kinds.Tractor and supply has one type I bought last week

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