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Daisy passed away.

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I started my first ever flock April 2, I got 4 from a flea market (now I know that's the wrong thing to do) and 4 from a friend.  Daisy, a little 3-4 month old buff orpington passed away last night.  She slept a lot yesterday and had been sleeping in a box instead of on the roost with the others, but since I don't know chickens I didn't know that was a bad thing, now I'm thinking maybe she's been sick a few days.  She may have been breathing hard, I'm not sure how chickens are supposed to breath.  My question - is there something I should get to give the others to hopefully prevent them from getting sick?  Thanks for the help, love this group!!!!

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Aww I'm so sorry. I got my chickens on April 18 last year. The first night they were out in the coop we didn't know they were supposed to go in the box and they were killed. Chickens don't really let you know that they are sick until they are on the verge of death. I am sure that part of the problem was that she was from a flea market and might not have been treated well. I hope your other 7 live a long happy life! :hugs

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