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We added 2 chicka today. They both look Like this. Their butts also look the same. Is this just getting feathers in or something else?
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Well congrats on your first post, I see you have been on here for two years though so I think it is a little too late to welcome you:D.  It looks to me like they they had just started to grow in their back feathers and someone got mean and plucked them.

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Thank you. We talked about chickens 2 years ago, but then decided to wait until our kids were a little older. And now, here we are 😃 My step dad took my son to a local place here that sells chicks. They brought home 8 more, added to our 10. We have 2 that look like this. I have kept them separate today, just in case. I thought maybe someone plucked them. Thanks for the info.
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yeah because it looks like the pin feathers re just now growing back in, what breeds do you have?

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