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Scab on crop/breast?

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I just found a scab about the size of a nickel on my bantam buff brahma hens crop area. I didn't do anything with it, she seems fine, acting normal. Is it possible she cut it open?

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It is probably a breast blister from lying on the floor, especially if there is rough or wet or no bedding. Any long term pressure can cause this type of blister, which can turn into an abscess. If it feels spongy, it may have pus inside. I would apply a warm wet washcloth to it for about 20 minutes while you are holding her on a towel. Then clean it with betadine, and if puffy, try to lance it and express any pus. If not puffy, then just continue cleaning it, and apply either Vetericyn or plain antibiotic ointment daily.
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Thanks for replying!
She has dry bedding in the coop, she is molting. I don't want to cut it open because it's on her crop (so I can't tell if it's spongy either) It is not red or swollen... I think I might just keep an eye on it and if it gets worse I will see what I can do.
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I picked the scab tonight and it looked like there was a worm in it:

So I tried to pull it out. Then I realized it was her skin. (Hitting myself)

The hole goes all the way through her skin, I don't know if it punctured her crop. How did it happen? And how could I have missed it?
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The scab is almost healed! All I did was put a little triple antibiotic ointment on it smile.png
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