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Swollen Crop

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One of my black silkies has a swollen crop. She is also known for eating my hair. One of my strands of hair is sticking out of her mouth, and when i try to pull it out it is wrapped around something that I'm afraid is a part of her beak (I don't know much about chicken anatomy) and I can't get that one strand out because I'm afraid of hurting her. I just noticed the swollen crop yesterday so it could just need to pass still. She is only 5 weeks old. Does anyone have any insight?



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More info:


It seems soft to me, like its full of pus and needs to be drained or something.

Here are a couple of pictures to sort of help, sorry for bad quality:


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I would get her to a vet if possible. She probably has an impacted crop. Feed her electrolytes and vitamins, such as SaveAChick, a small amount of plain yogurt, and massage her crop several times throughout the day. There are numerous helpful threads to read about impacted crop by entering that at the top of this page in the search box.
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