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My Rooster has maggots

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I noticed today my rooster had maggots down beneath his bottom where poo might fall. It has been a little runny lately on and off. He seems really sick and does not like to be handled. I picked him right up and started examining him. So I know he must feel really bad.
I found at least a dozen maggots of varies sizes. They were all around his bottom area. I picked them all off and flushed the area best I could. I moved him from a small pen to my horse trailer. When I cleaned the small pen I found about 10 large maggots. So I went to re-examine him. In doing so I didn't find any more mature ones but the areas I had flushed had lots of little tiny ones. I sprayed and sprayed but could not get them all. I have never seen anything like this.
He has a wound, area they ate I guess, about 3 inches below his anus. They are in there. They are also in his anus, I assume they are actually inside in there. I don't know what to do to help this guy. He's one of the best roosters I've ever had. I can get them off the outside but what do I do about the inside?
I don't want him to suffer either, what a horrible way to go. Is there any hope for him?
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I just read about this. Your chicken might have Flystrike. I found a link about it.


Hope this helps!


Your chicken would have a better chance of making it if you discover something like this sooner. It might take a while for all of the maggots to completly clear out.

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After reading the link I agree. I had never heard of this before today. Ugh! It wasn't hard getting the bigger ones off but how the heck do I get rid of all those little bitty ones. Poor guy, I can't even imagine. I won't have time to do anything else to him till tomorrow evening. I guess if I'm allowed the time tomorrow I need to call some local vets and see if I can find one that treats chickens. I have some Sulmet and Duramycin-10 but since it's over the counter I don't know if it's strong enough.
Other than that all I know to do is keep flushing the 2 areas and hope for the best. From what I am reading maggots can survive inside an animal, so how do I know if I am getting them all?
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You may want to soak him in an epsom salt bath for a while to help drown the maggots.

If they are inside the vent you may be able to take a needle-less syringe and gently flush inside the vent or you can probably purchase a saline enema to use. You will have to repeat several times a day for a few days to make sure the maggots are gone.

Keep him separated and give him some vitamins/electrolytes in his water, provide his regular feed, if he won't eat it, try it wet or give him some scrambled/hard boiled egg or tuna. He needs to stay well hydrated and eat to keep his strength up.


Here are a few links to instructions for treatment:

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Oh no sorry sounds like fly strike. Chicken chick has a blog about this. It basically says separate the affected bird, clean the area flush everyday and spray with vetermicin atb poultry spray daily to heal the wound.

Hope he gets better soon!
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Thank you, I read all 3 links. Good information.
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Thanks I will look up her blog.
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