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If you add a new hen to an established pen they will fight,even the male will go after ANY new bird in his pen.Yes even if it's a hen for him.

Could she have hit her head on the top of the cage?

In N.H.,Tony.

She's dead. She was not new in the pen, only the spurred hen is. I'm not very sure if her head was hit but it id does not seem so. Legs were weak (seems paralyzed), eyes sometimes closed, no appetite. Feathers were not ruffled but can be easily plucked.


I'm not very sure about the cause of death, but my guineas plucked her head feathers from the outside (of the pen). I butchered her half-dead (hard as dead but the body was still warm). I didn't see any abnormalities in her insides. I'm not very sure if I can cook her cause I am also not sure if he really died from physical attacks or from health concerns (I suspect botulism but not totally). What do you guys think?


The other birds are doing fine thought the other RN hen keeps on sitting as the other leg seems injured.