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Chicken Behaviour

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Has anyone experienced their chickens breaking the eggs and eating them? I have at least 1 broken eaten egg per day and I can't catch her at it. Any suggestions?



Also, am I crazy? But can a hicken lay more than 1 egg per day? Day before I got correct number of eggs (11) from my 11 hens, today 17!!!!!! What the heck??!!

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Egg eating is not so uncommon - this thread may help you out a little on that one


The egg laying is a bit mad - are they young layers? Sometimes it their plumbing takes a while to sort itself out.



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Egg eating often starts accidentally because an egg breaks, a chicken tastes it and decides it's pretty good. There are a few things you can do starting with checking the coop often and removing eggs as soon as possible. Make sure there's lots of nesting material to prevent accidental breakage. Make sure you have enough space for the chickens so they aren't all trying to use too few nesting areas. And while this sounds silly, give them things do do so they don't have time to mess around with breaking eggs; put a clump of straw in the area for them to scratch around in, get a hanger and put up a seed ball, plant edible herbs for them to scratch and eat, etc. Hopefully you'll break the habit before they break more eggs.
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Thank you, your suggestions are interesting to try. Thanks for responding.

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They will be a year old this June. Thanks for the link.

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