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My first lock down

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Freaking out! Aircells got a lot bigger overnight, but still not where I think they should be, but we'll see how it goes. Keeping fingers crossed for at least one to keep the 2 araucana chicks that looked so lonely at the feedstock company today. I just couldn't level them there!
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Good luck.. I'll be locking down our incubator on tues evening.. Have ten eggs in there, 2 are Aracunana too. I've also been worried about the size of the air sake, have struggled with the humidity in our cheaper incubator, so hoping they are going to be ok.. Can see movement in all 10 of our eggs, so fingers crossed.

Good luck to you smile.png

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I got 6 out of 7 even with the small aircells. Happy!
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Originally Posted by Island Juli View Post

I got 6 out of 7 even with the small aircells. Happy![/quote

We are still waiting! Technically only just on to day 21, nothing happening yet.. Fingers all crossed x
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