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Poorly girl - please help!

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Hi to all,
Firstly, please bear with me as a total newbie to this site! I am slowly but surely getting my head around how it all works wink.png
Here's my problem, I went to let my girls out this morning (15 in total) and one of my girls was struggling on her feet with her feathers 'puffed' out and tail down. I have only discovered my new love for chickens over the past year so Im really still a beginner when things go wrong! I have checked her over and as far as I can tell all ok with her crop, and no signs of being egg bound (all feels very soft). So now I am stumped as to what the problem could be. She is an ex battery hen, rescued in January with no problems up until now. I have separated her off from the rest and put her in a dog crate with some water (with apple cider vinegar & garlic in the hope this may perk her up) and she seems to be pecking away at her mixed corn. This morning she was quite docile (kept closing her eyes) but just been up to check on her and seems to of perked up a little.
I really don't know what else to do or what the problem could be so any advice would be greatly appreciated. My daughter has gone off to school very sad! Thank you in advance smile.png
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Can you get a picture of her with her feathers puffed out and all?

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Originally Posted by SJanay View Post

Can you get a picture of her with her feathers puffed out and all?
Hi SJanay, thanks for your reply. Like I said I am a bit of a newbie to this site and can't for the life of me find how to post a photo? 🙈
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Be glad to help! Click Reply. Then click the the landscape looking icon in the tool bar. Then click upload files. You can choose where to upload it from. Then click Choose then Submit. Hope that helps!

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