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6 week old chicken - no feathers

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Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions for what is going on with this girl (hopefully). She is a Buff Orpington and is the same age as the other chicks. The girl next to her is also a Buff Orp. It just looks so pitiful! (FYI - we were away for the weekend and hadn't cleaned out the brooder yet). Mobility, eating and such is all normal.

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Are the others picking them off her? If not it might be a genetic fluke. Like a Devon Rex cat's coat.
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Could be the temp in the brooder. I had one chick with similar lack of feathers and I ended up expanding my brooder and all the sudden her feather started to come in better. I think that she wasn't able to get far enough away from the heat lamp until I expanded it. You may also consider adding nutrients to the water like a vital pack to see if that helps any. Good luck and I hope she feather's out soon.

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